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Items to Recycle


Flourescent bulbs, curly bulbs:  The Recycling Center will no longer take these bulbs, Dave’s Ace Hardware
in Evansville will take the straight flourescent bulbs free of charge. Small curly bulbs are to be returned to the place of purchase, and they will dispose of them properly.

Newspapers, magazines, office paper: glossy inserts, catalogs, mail circulars, phone books, paper back books, cereal boxes, envelopes, wrapping paper, etc.
Cardboard (flattened): Clean cardboard only.  Must be broken down & flattened

Glass: (Clear-Brown- Green)  All bottles & jars must be rinsed out.  No window glass, light bulbs (Wal-Mart will take these)

Aluminum: Aluminum beverage cans only.  No Aluminum foil, TV dinner trays, etc.

Tin & Bi-Metal cans: Soup, vegetable, juice cans etc.  All cans must be rinsed out.
Plastic containers: this includes plastic bottles with threaded caps.  All plastic bottles must be rinsed out.  No deli or butter containers.  Accepting Type 1 thru Type 7.  Look for the recycling code on the bottom of bottle.

No medical waste-i.e. needles, rubber gloves, oxygen tubes, IV bags.

No Yard Waste-it is illegal to landfill these items

No wet paint or hazardous materials- Please contact the County Courthouse regarding disposal of these items.  There is a clean sweep program during the Fall annually.

**The recycling center is located at the intersection of W. Gibbs Lake Rd. and Casey Road and is open every Saturday.  Thank you for recycling!!!!